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5 Reasons To Run Udemy Clone LMS Along With Selling At Udemy!

Today, we will learn, what are 5 reasons to run our own EduPaas Udemy Clone LMS along with selling at Udemy?

Well, we all know Udemy is an amazing online e-learning platform that has given so much power to creators, authors, teachers to build the inspiring course and change the world.

Udemy e-learning platform was first registered on the 13th of August, 2009. – 13th of August that was also Thursday! Luckily not Friday.

So, how the Founder may have reached the name or brand – “Udemy”? 

Well, here is what we think – Udemy is built with 2 terms – “Edu” “my”.

I guess the Founder may have been searching for a domain like – “My Edu“, which probably would not be available during the time of their search or domain hunt.

So, They might have juggled with other keyword and planned to start with the “reverse of Edu” which is Udeand keeping My as it is.

Making Udemy!!! – What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, keep reading!!

Since the launch of Udemy, it has inspired millions of lives and has educated people, billion times in different parts of the world. With fees for some course as low as 9.99$, you can’t just escape it.

But, here is a GLITCH!!

You must be thinking “GLITCH!”, what can be GLITCH for such an amazing platform that has inspired people billion times?

Well, it’s not for the people who are getting inspired but for the Authors or creators whose course is an inspiration to many!

Authors are paid 50% for one-time enrollment by students in Udemy.

Though the fees and payment are genuine as the authors do not have to worry about hosting video solutions & it’s cost, but these are just one of payment.

What can be done Better?

Two things can be done for your own Betterment!

  1. Build your own Brand
  2. Sell your second (2nd) course on your own Platform!


When you build your own brand after your first course gets popular on Udemy, you have your own followers who follow you and your teachings!

The maximum benefit you can avail is by building your own Brand along with your first Course on Udemy – Now, with Maximum Sale – Gain Maximum Branding of your own!

Secondly, when you have your own brand – sell them at your own platform using Solutions like EduPaas LMS Udemy Clone which is built for the authors and teachers like Udemy trainers and trainers of another learning center.

After Udemy, I will suggest using your own e-learning LMS like EduPaas Udemy Clone LMS which is also a clone of Udemy but is the self-hosted solution.

It has amazing features like –

  1. Multi teacher option
  2. Teacher & Course Collaboration where you can also charge other teachers to for X% commission.
  3. Private Messaging system between teacher, student, and admin
  4. Discussion board system for each course.
  5. QnA system for each lesson.
  6. Note writing options for each lesson for each student on every lesson page.
  7. Mobile-friendly – Responsive design

and many more, you can check out the detail information here –EduPaaS – Online eLearning LMS (Udemy Clone)

So, What’s the use case of the above features?


EduPaas Udemy clone Advantage 1 – 100% Profit: 

When you already have a huge fan following on your Course, you can also offer them other courses at your learning center, where you reserve 100% profit on every course that gets sold.

Since now you have 100% revenue for each course sold, you make 100% profit on courses sold. No huge commission pay-off. But, do not forget you may have to incur hosting charges which are available at as low as 5$ from DigitalOcean


EduPaas Udemy Clone Advantage 2 – Own Branding:

Own Brand Building for every influence you have from selling your first Udemy Course. When your first course has made an immense profit for you! Now, you can sell your other valuable course from your own Brand which will not only make your course popular but will also make your brand popular.

Everyone loves Branding!

There are tons of benefits of having your own brand.

The brand comes with people’s confidence in buying your product and when your brand grows, you can maximize your own profit for the much much longer period than a short period sale.


EduPaas Udemy Clone Advantage 3 – Own Marketplace:

With EduPaas Udemy clone, you will have your own Marketplace, where you can call other new teachers and authors to sell their course for more profit,

For example,

  1. You can call other new teachers and authors to come and sell their course at your platform and you can charge them 5% to 50% commission per sale that will happen in your own platform.
  2. You will have your student’s email address to build strategy and
  3. You can connect to your students directly.

Udemy Clone marketplace

EduPaas Udemy clone LMS is a user-friendly E-learning software that enables the entrepreneurs, teachers, authors to build the powerful online education marketplace capable of holding million number of users.

The advantage of having marketplace is that you can allow other content creators to sell their course in your own platform and make a profit out of it for you and for themselves both.

With the current market trends, Emerging Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Authors or Course creators can immediately create a powerful education marketplace with class-leading revenue options with this Udemy clone LMS.


EduPaas Udemy Clone Advantage 4 – Subscription Course:

With EduPass Udemy Clone LMS, Courses are not only of one-time purchase based course but also have an option of “Subscription-based” course model, where teachers or you can charge students course after every 1 year or 1 month or terms based on your design of days.

The subscription-based course is also quite popular and is a widely used method in LyndaPluralsightTeamtreehouse, and various other vendors.

As we all know, the Scope of online tutorials and education marketplaces is growing big and with EduPaas Udemy clone LMS, you can incorporate a rich set of features to your e-learning marketplace platform.


EduPaas Udemy Clone Advantage 5 – Long-term Effortless Business model:

After every certain amount of years, people want their business to have an auto-profit model mechanism.

With EduPaas Udemy Clone, you can set up your own long-term effortless business model where your LMS will continue to give profit and grow on its own with the collaboration & community of teachers and students

Who doesn’t like to build one’s own auto profit-making machine?

Everyone, loves to make their own, right?

With EduPaas Udemy clone LMS, you have the opportunity to build your own auto-profit making machine for long-term revenue making business model. EduPaas Udemy Clone helps the students to learn and achieve their goals from courses taught by the proficient instructors.

EduPaas Udemy Clone has the powerful admin panel where the admin can add and edit professors, students and courses.

EduPaas Udemy Clone Script Comes with all essential and effective features that lead you to run a successful e-learning website with no surplus efforts.


You want to know other Features of EduPaas LMS, Live & Video Demo details – Check out here

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