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7 Question to ask before Buying Learning Management System

If you are starting your own online training or learning school, make sure you follow - "10 Question to ask before Buying Learning Management System" rules.

Many organizations focus solely on the software when choosing a new LMS platform. However, investing in an LMS requires more holistic research that involves vetting the LMS vendor and evaluating past user reviews.

If you’re looking for the perfect Course Management System (CMS) for your training business, it can be hard to know which ones are the best and which will work best for your requirement.

Business success can suffer even on the smallest of decisions. You might think that investing in an LMS for your organization is a a simple process. All you have to do is buy a LMS that is under your budget! But, in reality, it's much more worse!


Here are 7 Questions to ask before buying learning management system:


1. Is it Flexible & Scalable?

Learning management system must be able to scale with you and be flexible enough to bend to your evolving needs. For example, it should scale easily with your growing users and it should have option to add new features with growing needs.

You don't want to stress out your team or look for other alternatives, when it comes to have more features with scaling requirement.


2. Ecommerce Option?

Having an e-commerce option inside your LMS is extremely growing needs and is your LMS ready or can those features be implemented as well? 

Authors, Teachers prefer now commission based sale Platform. They want to put their courses online and look for the LMS platform provider to do the marketing for them and work based on Commission format. 

If you LMS is not ready with it, then you need to rethink your choices!


3. Responsive or Mobile-Friendly?

In today's world, when devices are growing companies should have responsive design support that makes all your content available on all devices just on demand!

If your LMS provider doesn't provide Responsive design or doesn't have Mobile, Tablet, PC friendly LMS, avoid them at all cost! They are not worth!


4. Course Authoring Tools:

Courses authoring tools are extremely critical in growing LMS solutions. Learners have different taste for learning different technology. You can not teach kids with Document and You can not put Theory subjects on Video.

Course authoring tools solves problem like above, where author and user gets an opportunity to delivery the course lesson based on various subjects and lesson type with their own variants of Lesson formats.


4. Certification management & Automation?

Certificate management and automation is must have in LMS, where author can design certificate for their course and system must automate certificate delivery based on triggers like - Course completion.

Make sure you ask LMS provider, if they have certification mangement and automation system or not!


5. Request a Demo before Buy!

Ask your LMS provider agency to share LIVE demo URL. Good LMS provider company will never be scared of sharing demo URL or would not hide anything. 

Great Companies are those who accepts challenges and continuously evolve and work on improving their product. If your LMS agency doesn't hide and proudly brags publicly with their demo, Give them 50% of trust in advance, they deserve for such courageous move.


6. Support System and Mechanism:

Ask them how are supports provided, what are the mediums and Is there any delay in Support reply, If Yes, How long is it?

Supports are so critical with constant upgrade and scaling up. If your LMS agency provides multiple support system and has reply chain from Instantly to less than 2 hour. Bet on them proudly!


6. Reporting & Analytics:

If your LMS has great report system and analytics system for Students or Learners as well as Authors, Trainers and Admin, Go for it!

Else not, ask them to build Reporting & Analytics system to understand user's behavior and progress.


7. Communication Channel inside LMS

Checkout the communication channel between the students, teachers, admin inside LMS, afterall it matters a lot. Learning without communication is useless, pointless and is not effective.

Once students, teachers and Admins engage in communication while learning, it makes learning more productive and your platform engaging. Make sure you have them one!


Winning on All above Features, Check out our LMS

Our LMS has all above features with amazing support. Our team takes care of your Scaling stacks when you require them either on Demand or on Rental basis. Checkout our LMS below:


1. EduPAAS:

EduPAAS is self hosted  LMS solution which helps your run LMS based on Platform as a Service. You allow other teachers or authors from various parts of the world to register and start selling course based on commission.

EduPAAS is an e-learning portal, built to run their own online learning portals like udemy with Multi Teachers or Multi Authors on Open Registration System.

Detail features with Video and Live demo


2. EduSAAS:

EduSAAS Multi-Domain Software as a Service eLearning LMS like Teachable or Docebo is a Software as a Service-based e-learning LMS portal, built to run their own online learning portals creator with 6 types of variant LMS.

With EduSAAS, you can offer any

  1. Schools,
  2. Corporates,
  3. Companies,
  4. Business,
  5. or any Teacher / Author

to build their own E-Learning LMS on the fly in 3 clicks with 6 Variant LMS


Detail features with Video and Live demo

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