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How much would it cost to create a website like Teachable or Docebo SAAS LMS?

You can build the next million dollar business with your own SAAS Multi-tenant E-Learning LMS like teachable or Docebo or other Multi-tenant LMS.

Teachable or docebo is a very popular online SAAS (Software as a service) platform for building your own eLearning platform on the fly in a couple of seconds.

Teachable or Docebo is able to make a teacher or author or companies or institutes or schools or university to build their own eLearning platform for their own employees or students or build their own eLearning platform for public open users on the Internet.

Teaching is an art and it not only takes skills but also takes art to put the design of information in a student’s mind.

If you ever wanted to build your own SAAS platform, especially on eLearning industry or edtech sector. This post is for you.

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As companies grow, so does their workforce and there is a never-ending need for training and learning, however, most of the organizations lack the sufficient space and infrastructure to support training module. This is where interactive e-learning or LMS websites and portals are highly valuable.


What is SAAS Multi-tenant E-Learning LMS?

SAAS multi-tenant E-Learning LMS is Software as a service solution with the multi-tenant option, where you can offer your customer or client their own Personalized LMS on the fly.

It serves the LMS on the fly for your customer who comes and signup to your platform and pays for the pricing plan they choose to start with.

Everything is an automated solution, where minimum system administrator work is required and maximum service is offered.


Why build a SAAS Multi-tenant E-Learning LMS website?


E-Learning is now a great business as, every School, College, University, Corporates, and various other Companies are looking for LMS for training and e-learning purpose.

Who needs and Why?

1). Schools, Colleges, University needs LMS or Learning management system or E-Learning platform to provide digital education environment for better and robust learning system.

2). Corporates, Mid-sized Business & Companies need LMS or Learning management system for training their employees and in a few cases customers for their working environment or business or product.

3). Teachers or Authors need LMS or Learning management system for selling their courses online and building a community around his/her students for maximum benefits.


What is the available solution for SAAS Multi-tenant E-Learning LMS?


There are a couple of companies who are currently providing SAAS Multi-tenant E-Learning LMS to their clients and customers and they are as follows –

  1. Teachable
  2. Docebo
  3. Schoology
  4. Canvas LMS
  5. Thinkific

and a few others


How to build a SAAS Multi-tenant E-Learning LMS?


To build your own SAAS multi-tenant E-Learning LMS, it will cost you lots of money and time, plus it is really hard to find a reliable developer who can develop you such a solution.

Well, if you have found the developer or have in-team developer solution, here is how they can start –

  1. Building home page.
  2. Building Pricing page.
  3. Building whole e-Learning LMS solution
  4. Binding with Users
  5. Binding with the Pricing model

It can take any time between – 3 months to 6 months for building such architecture.


How to build fast SAAS Multi-tenant E-Learning LMS?


If you want to deploy your own SAAS multi-tenant E-Learning LMS fast with a ready-made available solution. There is only one solution available right now with Robust LMS platform. Check out the demo of LMS on below video, that each of your clients gets when they build LMS with you –

Above is the demo with the video demonstration on what your client gets, whenever they register for an LMS solution from you.


EduSaas – Multi-tenant E-Learning LMS Like Teachable Or Docebo


EduSAAS multi-tenant e-learning LMS is a Software as a Service-based e-learning LMS portal, built to run their own online learning portals creator with 6 types of variant LMS.

Multi-Domain Software as a Service eLearning LMS like teachable or docebo is a Software as a Service-based e-learning LMS portal, built to run their own online learning portals creator with 6 types of variant LMS.

  1. Create Sub-Domain based Public Multiple Teacher LMS
  2. Create Sub-Domain based Private Multiple Teacher LMS with Registration open
  3. Create Sub-Domain based Private Multiple Teacher LMS with Close Registration System [Admin only registration]
  4. Create Sub-Domain based Public Single Teacher LMS
  5. Create Sub-Domain based Private Single Teacher LMS with Registration open
  6. Create Sub-Domain based Private Single Teacher LMS with Close Registration System [Admin only registration]

People or Consumer or Customers can pay for monthly fees and create their own online e-learning LMS. Each created LMS will have following options based on the chosen variant above –

  1. Fully Responsive.
  2. Full Home Page Editable.
  3. Multi User Panel ( Admin, Moderator, Teacher, User, Guest ).
  4. Teacher’s Course Upload.
  5. Become an Instructor.
  6. Simplified Course Upload option.
  7. Complete Teacher’s Statistic for each sale and withdraw.
  8. Advance Learning Mechanism.
  9. Free & Paid Course Option.
  10. Course Type designed for “Video, HTML Content, PDF, PPT & Doc using Google Docs.
  11. Free Course Preview Option.
  12. Discussion board for each course embedded.
  13. Discussion board for each lesson separately embedded.
  14. Course note writing option for students, so that they can make a note for each of lesson.
  15. Course Review Option.
  16. Each Course Multiple Instructor Option.
  17. Advanced Search Mechanism.
  18. Category Display Section.
  19. Category Video, Category Course Relation.
  20. Easy Register, Login, Reset/Forgot Password and Activation Option for all user group.
  21. Advance Admin panel.
  22. Message System between Admin / Moderator to Teacher and Vice versa.
  23. Message System between Admin / Moderator to Student and Vice Versa.
  24. Message System between Teacher to Student and Vice Versa.
  25. Course Completion certificate option.
  26. Advance Course completion certificate creator. Create your own certificate for each course.
  27. Advanced Cache System.
  28. Paypal and Bank Deposit option for payment method.
  29. Multiple Currency Method. ( USD is the base currency for PayPal )
  30. Multiple Category for each course.
  31. Skill-based division for the course. ( Beginner, Intermediate, Advance )
  32. Feature the Course option from admin panel.
  33. Advertise course in Login / Register / Reset / Forgot Password page.
  34. Teacher Withdrawn revenue option.
  35. Teacher’s total sale and total withdraw the report.

And many more options.


SAAS Multi-tenant E-Learning LMS – Click Here for Detail


To build your own SAAS multi-tenant E-Learning LMS in less than 24 hours, Get started with EduSaas – Multi-tenant E-Learning LMS.

To Get Started – Click Here

If you have any question regarding the EduSAAS multi-tenant e-learning LMS then feel free to ask below in comment or in our community at

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